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Trinny Woodall reveals dramatic COVID-19 hair loss symptoms – HELLO!


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Georgia Brown

Style guru Trinny Woodall shocked fans by showing her hair falling out in clumps, which she has been collecting in a jar at home. The 57-year-old linked her hair loss …….

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Sep 21, 2021 16:36 BST

Georgia Brown

Hair loss is usually completely normal, but it can be incredibly upsetting. Not least for Tinny Woodall, who took to Instagram this week to share her dramatic hair loss, which she believes is a result of having coronavirus.

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The This Morning fashion guru filmed a video showing the hair she had lost so far, which she has been collecting in a jar at home. In view of her near 1 million Instagram followers, she ran her hands through her loose curls to show her hair falling out in clumps.

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WATCH: Trinny Woodall opens up about dramatic hair loss

The star candidly discussed her choice to post the vulnerable video to social media: “What always eases my mind, is sharing. Because I then know that I’m not alone.”

Confirming she had seen her GP about her problem, Trinny’s doctor said it hadn’t been uncommon to see more and more patients suffering from hair loss around the 90-day mark following a COVID-19 diagnosis.

The style guru said her hair loss began around 90 days after her COVID diagnosis

“I didn’t connect having covid with my hair literally coming out in handfuls. Thank you Trinny,” said one fan.” Another wrote: “Trinny, more and more of us who had covid are experiencing extreme hair loss,” confirming the 57-year-old was not alone in her suffering.

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A lot of women experience hair loss around the menopause, but diets and supplements can support this.

Trinny is loved for her expert fashion sense and styling tips

Fans rushed to the comments to support the style guru, with one writing: “Thank you for being brave and discussing these things.” Trinny then pledged to take her followers along with her on her road to recovery.</…….

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